Lisa Sheridan & Lizzy Sternberg
Fundraising 101

Talking the Talk

Are you new to the development world?  Do your colleagues speak a language you don’t always understand?  You’ve come to the right place.  A few years ago, we entered the world of nonprofit management and since then have learned a thing or two about fundraising lingo, common language and the difference between good and great development practices.

We’ve experienced both the excitement and the frustration around life as an entry-level development professional.  Over the next few months, our blog will feature a “development jargon dictionary” so that you don’t need to sneak to your desk and Google the meanings of words and phrases you don’t understand or can’t contextualize.  Each post will give a working definition of the relevant term, explain why it is important and offer examples of common nonprofit usage.

We hope our entries will make your foray into the development world a bit more manageable!

Are there terms you would like us to tackle?  If so, email us at so that we can include them in an upcoming post.

Read on to check out our first set of definitions…