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Nine Tips for Your Next Mailing: Part II

Part two of this blog series discusses the preparation of files for the print/mail process.

Preparing files for the printer

  1. One of the most important ways to keep your print/mail project on time and within budget is proper file preparation. Most printers prefer a print ready PDF file sent with specific instructions for each job.  What is a “print ready PDF”? Your designer or graphic artist will most likely be working in InDesign or Adobe Illustrator when creating your print piece. Once it is complete, they export the file into a PDF.  Be sure to include the following in the export:
    1. Embed or outline the fonts used
    2. Include 1/8” (.125) bleed marks (if there are bleeds)
    3. Include bleed and crop marks
    4. Save the file as single pages and never reader spreads

Stay tuned for Part III of this series during which we will discuss proofs and timelines.