Social Media

Are you LinkedIn? Part 2

Last month I introduced you to LinkedIn. I hope you’ve had an opportunity to set up an account and explore the site. A few important reminders from the previous post:

  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network
  • LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking website that launched in May of 2003
  • Nonprofits can greatly benefit from using LinkedIn
  • You can greatly benefit from using LinkedIn

My goal is to help you use LinkedIn on a regular basis- both on your own page and your organization’s page. In each of my upcoming blog posts, I will assign you a task that should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Plus, each task will help make you feel more comfortable using LinkedIn. My goal is to introduce you to helpful features and improve your presence on the site.  This week, I challenge you to strengthen your network.

Task- connect with 15 people.

Think about whom you are connecting with and why.  Connect with influential people, old coworkers, new clients, etc. When we connect with other professionals, they have the opportunity to follow our company and hopefully, promote it.

Many people use Facebook or other social networking sites to connect with past coworkers or future employers. This is not always the best practice. When you connect on LinkedIn, you are able to keep up with the business world in an appropriate way.  It’s also an easy way to learn about the causes that are important to your contacts and other interests they have related to their lives or careers.

Furthermore, connecting with people on LinkedIn is an appropriate way to build and maintain relationships in the business world.  Soon enough, people will be watching their news feeds for updates on your organization and your expertise on relevant issues in the field.

Happy Linking! Until next time…