Social Media

10 Blog Post Ideas for Nonprofits

Whether it is a link on your organization’s website or merely a quick click on a Facebook newsfeed, many nonprofits and individuals are taking advantage of blogging to share ideas and information through the written word.  For nonprofits, blog posts represent a quick and easy opportunity to announce upcoming events, share relevant news stories, and create awareness. Not sure what to write about? Here are 10 quick ideas:
  1. Teach your readers how to do something.  A few months ago, I introduced our readers to LinkedIn. With LinkedIn’s popularity growing, I knew it would be helpful to teach nonprofits how to create an organizational account. Be sure to write a tutorial on a topic that is relevant to your target audience.
  2. Share tips.  Giving Tree did something similar to this on our social media pages. We post “Quick Tips” on Tuesdays on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. People don’t always have time to read lengthy posts. A quick tip is a fast way for readers to learn something new.
  3. Interview someone relevant to your organization. Feature a discussion with your Executive Director or Board President.  Highlight the discussion in a blog post. You can make your post more interactive by posting a video of the interview.
  4. Comment on breaking news.  Any news story that is related to your mission or program is important content.
  5. Share an experience. My client, B’nai B’rith Beber Camp, uses their blog to speak about conferences they attended, share staff members’ favorite memories, and volunteer stories.
  6. Provide guidance. Principal of Giving Tree Associates, Amy Schiffman, broke down the rules of prioritization in the fundraising world in her latest blog post. Her post is honest, relatable and relevant.
  7. Share news. Did you hire a new Director of Communications? Did you just receive a $15,000 grant? Keep your followers informed.
  8. Recognize donors. If someone has been especially generous towards your organization, express your gratitude in a blog post. Create a series called, “Donor Spotlight” and highlight your donors.
  9. Post photos from events. A few days after an event, write a brief post summarizing the event with your favorite photos.
  10. Allow guest bloggers to share their expertise. Giving Tree introduced leading experts in the nonprofit field to guest blog on our website. Guest bloggers offer different perspectives and most likely will drive more viewers to your site.