In tough economic times, nonprofits face major challenges: deficits, budgetary constraints and shrinking donor commitments. Every organization needs to raise funds, but many lack the budget necessary to raise them. With fewer resources, you must approach your fundraising efforts strategically.

Raising funds in the current environment requires a clear strategy and understanding of how to maximize your existing resources. By launching a well planned capital campaign, or enhancing the operations of your annual campaign, Giving Tree can help your organization develop a fundraising strategy that meets your short and longer term goals. Comprehensive campaign management puts you in a position to most effectively achieve your organization’s financial needs.

Endowment and Planned Giving Programs programs offer donors the opportunity to create a charitable legacy that continues to strengthen your organization long into the future. This program is an important component of a nonprofit’s income diversification strategy and requires long-term financial planning. Giving Tree Associates helps you to assess whether or not this type of campaign is a wise choice for your organization, and, if so, can manage the day to day aspects of the project.

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