All nonprofits face organizational challenges and experience periods of transition and change.  Often, these issues and situations require expertise and support not found within the organization. Our principals provide one-on-one coaching to fundraising professionals, senior managers, executive directors and board leadership.  These meetings are personalized work sessions that serve to identify and capitalize on strengths, build skills and manage change. Through the coaching relationship, both your nonprofit and your senior leadership will develop the tool kits necessary to tackle the most difficult challenges and plan for the future. 

Through weekly or bi-weekly in-person, phone or video meetings, we work closely with coaching clients to build expertise, prioritize work schedules, set and achieve goals, examine best practices, create strategy documents, measure success and build confidence. By exploring organizational culture and rethinking staffing/leadership models as well as fundraising and supervision practices, we help you solve the day-to-day problems that keep you from achieving optimal impact. Our guidance helps you build capacity for your nonprofit and achieve financial sustainability – but in the end – we are all about helping you to be your best.

How Giving Tree’s coaching services can help your organization:

  • Assess current planned and major giving programs
  • Evaluate job descriptions and departmental staffing/structures
  • Establish quantitative and qualitative fundraising goals
  • Build cultivation and stewardship calendars; create long and short term strategies around the cultivation of top prospects and donors
  • Design and implement a framework for prioritization, delegation and time management based on current goals and objectives
  • Make the most of supervision
  • Identify personal strengths
  • Create strategies

Before founding Giving Tree Associates, we worked in small, midsize and large nonprofits.  We understand what it means to work with a lean team and how it feels to face the day-to-day challenge of juggling multiple needs and priorities. Through coaching, we develop an in-depth understanding of your personal needs and strengths and guide you through a professional development journey that ultimately strengthens your organization.