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Is It October Already?

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This is the time of year where we start talking about how fast everything is moving….  Two minutes ago it was summer, and we felt like we had all the time in the world to dream, plan and strategize.  Now, we’re into the second quarter and some of us might be entering a panic zone.

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End of Summer Stewardship

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For many non-profits, summer is a time when active donor work slows down. Donors and lay leaders may not be as available or accessible.  People travel, spend time with their children and families and take a break from work and volunteer responsibilities. The beginning of fall signifies a return to work and the beginning of.

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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

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I used to sit by the window at a previous job. Great seat – looking out on the world below – contemplating how the money I was raising was making a difference, and taking inspiration from these thoughts to write the next campaign piece. Every two weeks, the window cleaner would come by, I’d give.

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Putting Together a Successful Auction

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Many organizations offering large-scale fundraising events find that a silent auction nicely compliments their fundraising efforts. Do you ever wonder how all of those wonderful packages and prizes are organized and readied for bidding? Giving Tree’s client, IMD Guest House, will be hosting their Annual Golf Outing in two weeks. They too will offer a.

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What’s in a Message?

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Nearly every nonprofit organization solicits donors and prospective donors via some form of written communication – whether it’s a print direct mail letter, a newsletter or an e-blast. Many individuals receive all of these types of solicitations, from multiple organizations, on a regular basis. So what sets your communications apart from all the others? In.

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