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“Building Your Brand” Recap

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Hi everyone! Becca here. I’m taking over Amy’s blog this week because I was so inspired by our “Building Your Brand” Speaker Series session yesterday that I wanted to share my thoughts with you. You probably saw in Amy’s last blog post that Giving Tree Associates was looking forward to hosting a group of incredible.

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Brand New Thinking

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You may have received an invitation to next week’s Speaker Series program, “Building Your Brand”. Why, you might ask, would a firm that specializes in fundraising, leadership development and strategic planning offer an afternoon dedicated to branding to its clients and prospective clients? This would be a reasonable question. And the answer is that Giving.

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St. Louis in July? Why You Should Attend More Conferences

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I know I promised to talk about training your board committee chairs this week, but I am interrupting our regular broadcasting (don’t worry, it’s on the agenda for next week – I will indeed get to it) to create a quick commercial for conference attendance. Shocking, given that most fundraising conferences have a reputation for.

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Is It October Already?

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This is the time of year where we start talking about how fast everything is moving….  Two minutes ago it was summer, and we felt like we had all the time in the world to dream, plan and strategize.  Now, we’re into the second quarter and some of us might be entering a panic zone.

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End of Summer Stewardship

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For many non-profits, summer is a time when active donor work slows down. Donors and lay leaders may not be as available or accessible.  People travel, spend time with their children and families and take a break from work and volunteer responsibilities. The beginning of fall signifies a return to work and the beginning of.

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